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Reliable Fast-Response Plumbing in the Cambridge Area

Have you ever experienced a broken pipe, a leaky faucet or a running toilet? These plumbing issues aren’t normal and it could be a sign that your previous contractor failed to uphold their standards. Let DSS Heating and Plumbing take care of those issues and right the wrongs that you’re experiencing.

Be it a leaky pipe, low water pressure, clogged drains or even a broken boiler, DSS Heating and Plumbing can take care of all of your issues with just a single call. We offer a free no obligation quote so there’s no harm in giving us a message and enquiring about our services. Out of all the plumbers in Cambridge, we have some of the most experienced and professional staff working for us. Our staff are capable of dealing with virtually any plumbing issues that you may have.

We Go the Extra Mile for Your Comfort and Convenience

Plumbing issues can sometimes stem from other problems in the house such as boiler or radiator issues. As a result, a regular plumber will be able to diagnose and let you know the true cause of a problem, but be unable to actually fix it for you. As a result, they don’t actually finish completing the job and they’ll need to go back, speak to their employer and request a different contractor to come and fix your problems. This entire process can take several days and you’ll still be left with plumbing issues that aren’t making your life any easier.

As mentioned before, we offer a no obligation quote so the moment you contact us, we can offer you advice and prepare a plan of action to help with your issues. No matter what plumbing issue you may have or staff are capable of dealing with anything you throw at us. For complicated matters, we can visit your property and do a full diagnosis of the problem and give you an estimation of how much it will cost to remedy your problems. You’ll know exactly what is wrong without all the technical jargon and you’ll have a full understanding of what needs to be replaced at an honest but competitive price.

For your convenience, DSS Heating and Plumbing also offers a variety of different services that could help with your plumbing issues. These include, but are not limited to:

Central heating installation and maintenance
Boiler repairs and servicing
Radiator repairs and installation
Water leaks and pipe replacement

Simple or Complex, No Job Is Too Much Hassle for Us

Our team have years of experience which allows us to quickly fix any issue you may have. Whether it’s something simple such as a dripping faucet or a more delicate issue such as a burst pipe, we’ll be able to fix your issues quickly and efficiently with virtually no disruption to your daily life.

Don’t be afraid to give us a call and speak to us about any plumbing issue you may have.